Hello !

Hey, I’m Axelle, a 23 graphic designer based in Paris.
I study at Gobelins, School of Image, and I also work at Mister BingBang agency.

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Portfolio developed by Melina Guyon

Irus- june 2017 -

Comme un lundi- january 2017 -

Digital emotion- november 2016 -

Way of life- june 2016 -

Cosmos- march 2016 -

Gaîté Lyrique- january 2016 -



Irus is a community mobile application which allow you to listen and share happiness around you. It is your confident, and your buddy who will guide you on your quest of happiness.

Made with love by Ludovic Bouvinet, Brice Culas, Hélène Starck and myself.

- june 2017 -

Comme un lundi


Just as many of us, monday is a hard day ! It is the one when we get back to work after a resting weekend. In 2017, we decided to change this ! Because when you succeed on your monday, you will succeed all the week ! Discover all the Mister Binbang tricks to like your week with our films.

Project made with the Mister BingBang team

- january 2017 -

Digital emotion


Digital emotion is an interface which aims at matching colors and emotions. Indeed, in our society colors have unconscious meaning. So i decided to focus on the following problem : matching colors and emotionsSo i have chosen to represent with data graphics this question beetween colors and emotions.

- november 2016 -

Way of life


Way Of Life is a mobile game for kids, which intends to make them discover different environnements. Just like a Tamagochi, Way of Life stages a natural universe you have to investigate.

This project aims at raising environment awareness among the youth through this capacity of nature to rebalance. 

- june 2016 -



Cosmos is an interactive concept, which proposes a new way of learning,  bringing together digital and printed support. The child learns thanks to the booklet and next, he can try his knowledge with the mobile game.

- march 2016 -

Gaîté Lyrique


Gaîté Lyrique Concert is an application which informs you of the last musical events in the museum. It is an interactive concept between a digital and a printed support. Thanks to this combination, we created personalized tickets. The concept purpose is to propose unique musical experiences by keeping specials memories of it.

- january 2016 -